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The applications of a Teflon lining company

Are you looking for a professional Teflon lining company and are you struggling to find one? We will gladly introduce you to Patrian Equipment, based in Belgium. Whatever the type of industrial client you are, they have a technical solution available made to measure. From the food and pharma industry to the chemical, petrochemical and power industries. The production methods of this Teflon lining company really distinguish themselves from the competition in piping solutions, PTFE spaces and more. During manufacturing, this Teflon lining company keeps an eye on reducing vital energy loss, lower the risk of corrosion, elongate the lifespan of solutions and guarantee a faster lead time of your project. The low maintenance cost and lower installation cost come in handy. Read more about this Teflon lining company below.

What are the possibilities for your industrial business?

Patrian Equipment isn’t only specialised in insulated pipes, PTFE spaces and other solutions. They can help you with manufacturing these facilities for your industrial business:

  • Cryo-cold and heat-traced solutions, whatever your business needs.
  • Special applications for greasy wastewater, drain water tubes, and pipe-in-pipe applications where cast iron tubes are required.
  • Underground piping for utilities such as district cooling, heating, hot water or hot air.
  • No corrosion leads to a zero-cost maintenance.
  • For professional piping constructors, this technique offers a fast project time project and a high-quality insulation. It requires less organisation and logistic steps.

This Teflon lining company only uses materials of the highest quality possible. From stainless steel and carbon steel to copper pipes and glassfiber reinforced epoxy, they can help you to find the durable and effective solutions for your company.

Phone them or send them an e-mail to get started

Are you curious about the areas of expertise of this Teflon lining company? Or do you want to get to work straight away? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. You can always e-mail them, phone them or simply fill in the online contact form. You can find the correct contact information on their website.

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