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Buy all your barista tools at this coffee bar in Ghent

Are you just starting to learn how to brew coffee? Or do you already have some barista experience? Whatever level you might be on, these experts have every tool you need in their coffee bar in the center of Ghent. WAY, also known as We Are Young, have developed themselves as real specialists in the field of coffee and know exactly what is necessary to brew the best coffee. At their online store you can get a first look of the different products that they sell.

Brewing tools in all sizes and shapes

Before trying out the real barista tools, such as a tamper, coffee distributor or precision milk pitcher, it may be a good idea to start with the basics. At WAY you will find products for every step of the process. These materials, that you can buy online or in their coffee bar in Ghent, include:

  • Hand brewers
  • Kettles
  • Servers
  • Handgrinders
  • Filters
  • Scales
  • Moccamasters
  • Water purifiers with filters

A first step in making the best coffee is of course grinding the beans into the perfect size to brew coffee. You can use one of the very accurate scales to know exactly how many grams you need. Afterwards you can choose to use a hand brewer or a filter for a coffee machine.

An easy-to-use Moccamaster

If you prefer to have a more automated way of brewing, these specialists offer the ideal solution. With the Moccamaster it only takes six minutes to make a whole pot of coffee for all of your guests. It is perfect to use during family events or in the office. This machine has a hot plate that will keep your coffee warm until you drink it. There is nothing worse than coffee that went cold. You can pick between 21 different colours. That way you will always find a colour that matches your kitchen or workplace interior.

Order your brewing tools today

Did you see brewing tools from this coffee bar in Ghent that you would like to try out for yourself? Then don’t wait any longer and order the products of WAY online today! Thanks to their quick service they will make sure that your tools arrive in no time. In the mean time, you can choose their own brand of beans and pick your favourite flavors.